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Title:  The Overfunctioning Woman's Handbook: Uncommon Sense to Deal With Impossible Jobs and Impossible People
Authors:  Rosalyn Rivkin, M.S.W., and Sally Park Rubin
ISBN-13:  978-0-9796807-0-0
ISBN-10:  0-9796807-0-0
Publishing Year:  2008
Page Count:  266
Description:  The Overfunctioning Woman's Handbook is a practical guide-addressing such issues such as anxiety, saying NO, choosing not to do things, how to make anger a tool for constructive change, and how to best define success on one's own terms. The book is about how women can learn to not do an end-run around their emotions (to get the "jobs" done), only to have unexpressed emotions triggered at the wrong times by the wrong incidents. Instead, emotions are viewed and examined as a necessary signal from the body that something needs to be communicated and how to exercise that communication.

The Handbook is NOT a book about how to "do more" more efficiently.

Through the experience of stories of other women, with a clear explication of the key psychological principles behind why we do what we do demystified, and with personalized exercises contained in the book, compelling solutions emerge for building internal resilience against the drive towards perfectionism, speed, and superficiality which are so harmful to health and peace of mind.
Binding:  Perfect
Subject:  1. Overachievement. 2. Women--Psychology.
3. Quality of life. 4. Self-actualization (Psychology)
Trim Size:  6 x 9
List Price:  $19.95
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