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Title:  Informed Consent: What do you have to lose?
Author:  Sally Park Rubin
ISBN-13:  978-0-9796807-3-1
ISBN-10:  0-9796807-3-5
Publishing Year:  2008
Page Count:  208
Description:  Rising star ad executive, Joel Berger, is on the fast track to the top until the day his young son, Aaron, reacts to a routine childhood vaccine. Aaron makes a rapid descent into autism, forcing Joel on a journey that will take him into the decades old cover-up of toxic poisons used in the manufacturing of childhood vaccines. While Joel struggles to face the change in his son, his wife, Sarah, with the help of an unlikely teacher, patiently works to coax Aaron from his lost world.
Binding:  Perfect
Subject:  1. Family. 2. Medical. 3. Autism.
Trim Size:  6 x 9
List Price:  $19.95
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